James Gauthier


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On his 14th birthday Bishop Chance discovers that nothing in his life is what it seems. The realization that he suddenly has mental control over electronic devices is only the beginning of a thrilling adventure that will change his life forever. 

As the secrets of his family history reveal themselves, Bishop learns that his late father Alabaster came to Earth sixteen years ago from a parallel dimension. He was followed by Onyx, his evil brother. Alabaster hoped that his infant son Bishop might one day return to his Homeworld and become its leader. Sinister Onyx has been waiting for Bishop to develop his powers and open a portal to the Homeworld so that he might return to launch a reign of terror. Once he controls that world Onyx plans to bring his troops back to Earth and take control of it as well.

Bishop and his friends follow clues left behind by his father as he searches for the device that will open the Portal. Meanwhile Onyx plans to enslave Bishop, harness his powers and incorporate him in his plan for dual world domination. Thus the fates of two worlds rest on Bishop's shoulders.

He is their Last Chance.

This book features all new black and white illustrations and color cover by famed comic book artists Frank Bolle, Bob Wiacek, June Brigman and Roy Richardson.

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