James Gauthier


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On Bishop Chance's fourteenth birthday his life was turned upside down when he suddenly gained the ability to mentally control any electronic device. He soon discovered that he was heir to the throne on another world. 

Now, several months later, Bishop thought that life had finally returned to normal until the arrival of two mysterious strangers set into motion a series of events that will catapult him and his friends back to the Homeworld. 

Teaming up with Gambit, a teenager who claims to be his brother. Bishop must find a way back to the Homeworld and stop a war that broke out soon after his departure. But before he can he is visited by an eccentric man named BJ who appears in the form of a hologram that only Bishop and his girlfriend Mandy can see or hear. BJ's sudden appearance is a mystery that Bishop must solve before time runs out. Will Bishop and his friends be able to overcome their many obstacles before disaster strikes the Homeworld?

What is Gambit's secret? And can it be that the evil warlord Onyx has returned from the dead? It's all here in the thrilling sequel to The Last Chance!

This book contains all new illustrations by famed comic book artists Frank Bolle, Bob Wiacek, June Brigman and Roy Richardson. 

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