James Gauthier


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In this, the penultimate story in the Bishop Chance Adventures, our young hero's life takes an unexpected turn soon after he attends a very unusual holiday party at his friend Justin's mansion. At the celebration he feels a deep loss for not having known his parents and soon after sets out on a mission to meet them. Bishop utilizes Checkmate, the super computer created by his father Alabaster, to time travel fourteen years into the past, with his friends and his future son, BJ. While in the past Bishop, Gary and Justin meet their parents and encounter unexpected results as they uncover secrets that have been kept hidden from them for many years. Lives and destinies will be dramatically changed as they interact with people in the past and unknowingly change history. 

Following this story are three new short stories. The first one, written by James Gauthier is a Mr. Boomietrix tale that takes place shortly after the events in Chance Encounter. The final two stories were written by the winners of a short story contest that was held at Turn of River school in Stamford, Connecticut. 

This book contains all new black and white illustrations and color cover by noted comic book artists June Brigman and Roy Richardson.

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