James Gauthier


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Bishop Chance has been on an emotional roller coaster ever since the day he turned fourteen and gained the ability to mentally control all electronic devices. That was only the beginning of the shocks and surprises that turned his life upside down. He soon discovered that he was heir to the throne on another world and the target of those who would usurp his power. 

Just as Bishop's life back on Earth seems to be returning to relative normalcy the android Aquarian begins to malfunction and Bishop is forced to bring him to the Homeworld for repairs. While there Bishop and his friends discover that someone or something is blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Bishop now faces beings that used to exist only in the realm of the imagination, from the maniacal Krazy Kavern Kooks of Krackers Kave to the all knowing Mr. Boomietrix. Bishop and the gang must use all of their resources to unravel the mystery before time runs out. 

Meanwhile, Mandy finds herself in competition for Bishop's affection with a strangely aloof girl named Amy, who takes a liking to the young king, and Bishop and Justin discover startling secrets from Onyx and Miss Mann's past. 

What secrets are revealed and what surprises lay ahead for Bishop and his friends? It's all here in the third book of the thrilling Bishop Chance series.

Also inside: A mini adventure story starring BJ, the enigmatic time traveler from their future that first appeared in Second Chance. 

This book contains all new illustrations by famed comic book artists June Brigman and Roy Richardson. 


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