James Gauthier


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Magic is real - and the one place that you can always count on finding it is Merlin's Ye Olde Magik Shoppe, where the merchandise changes to meet the needs of the customer whether they know of the need or not.

It seems that whenever Derek and his sister Trisha are together, trouble is not very far behind. But nothing could have prepared them for the amount of trouble that enters their lives the day they discover Merlin's shop. After making a small purchase they receive seven coins back in change. The coins soon catapult them on a whirlwind series of adventures into the past and future. In addition to the coins they also acquire several other magical items from the shop that constantly put their lives in jeopardy. With some assistance from their cousin Peter they endeavor to overcome the many perils that they find themselves in. 

Along the way they encounter Sid and Coop, two brothers who had their own series of adventures with the same magic shop in the story 'A Pack of Trouble',

A Pocket of Time is the second book in the Magik Shop series and features 30 black and white illustrations and a full color cover by noted artist Coby Cyr Ochrietor.


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